About Us

Annimac PC is a uniquely structured state-of-the-art company, strategically located in Greece, focusing in specialized automation, electrical & electronics services and applications in the maritime, naval, and industry sectors.

More specifically, the Company’s operations target:

  • Repair and maintenance of automation systems and electrical machinery and equipment;
  • Design, development and installation of electrical and automation systems;
  • Operational support for electrical, electronics and automation systems.

Annimac PC experienced engineers and personnel, offers unique, affordable solutions for undertaking complete projects from efficient design to effective production to successful deployment.

Why Us

Annimac PC engineers have extensive experience and knowledge in the sectors in which the company operates. We provide Annimac’s services worldwide and are able to successfully cope with critical issues while being onboard. Effective work under strong time pressure is one of our key features. 

Annimac PC undertakes a wide range of projects: from small-scale repairs to large-scale projects. We react to customers’ requests in a short time, while we provide support also via email communication.


Our References